Foil and plastic packages

Open and valve foil bagsworki ldpe

The foil package offer starts with bags of different design, which we present below. Bags produced from LDPE foil are used in packing of materials with high hygroscopicity and high moisture content. They are most commonly used in packing of loose and granular materials used in the food, zoological, chemical, fodder or construction industries. We offer a variety of solutions adapted to your individual needs, including: high-quality printing, anti-slip roller blinds or microperforation of foil.

We offer:

  • Flat bags
  • Side fold bags
  • Valve bags
  • Bags with handle
  • Closing string bags
  • Promotional bags

Foil hoods

Foil hoods can be divided into two types, type Y and type X. They are made of heat-shrinkable and ordinary foil. They are used to protect against dampness of the goods on the pallet.

LDPE and HDPE foil folie hdpe

Packing foil can be divided according to thickness and roll form. Foils can be produced e.g. in tape, half sleeve, sleeve. They can be coloured, printed, etc.

Stretch foil

JIt is is a special packing foil. The most popular division of stretch films on the market is machine stretch foil and manual foil. Machine foil can be divided by their extensibility (standard, power, super power).

PET and PE strapping tapes and accessories

PP bags and raschel bagsworki 2

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