The MAD-BOX company provides comprehensive services in the field of sales of packages. We offer packages in a wide range of technical solutions. We provide different packages for a variety of local and international customers. We cooperate with companies from the packaging and packaging products industries for many branches of industries, and more. We are always happy to be able to suggest ready solutions for packages that meet the needs of our customers. We are open to developing new schemas and models of packages to keep up with the increasing market demand. Our team of consultants will be happy to help you with its knowledge and experience, matching all the required parameters to individual expectations in order to provide 100% satisfaction and packages that meet customers’ needs as best as possible. We carefully respond to every question and inquiry from the market, and we continue to develop the offered packages to provide modern, practical and safe solutions adapted to the changing trends in the field of ​​packaging and logistics of goods. We provide packages for the food industry and processing, construction industry, agriculture, horticulture, processing of metals, minerals, recycling and many others. Products that we offer include big-bags with different design, polypropylene bags, gardening foil, agrotextile, a wide range of paper and plastic bags, hoods, membranes, stretch foil, insulating foil and warning and location tape, packaging tape, self-adhesive tape, labelling tape, bags for separate waste collection, mesh, cardboard, paper packages, spacers, tubes, sleeves, and others. Among the products that we offer there are also innovative and modern injection-moulded products in the form of various spools, boxes and bins. We constantly modernize our foil products with additional technical innovations. The leading trade segment of the company is BIG-BAGs. Container big bags can be used for packaging and transport of different materials, both loose and powdery, or solids. With extensive technological possibilities in the production of big bags, it is possible to adapt them to the most demanding customer needs. Big-bag containers can accommodate all kinds of products with different bearing weight.

MAD-BOX has the highest potential for matching big-bag parameters to your requirements in this field. We offer container big bags with one, two and four handles. According to needs, the bag can be reinforced by additional seams, special inserts to the interior of the bag (permanently sewn, laminated or removable, delivered loose), with loading belts, and internal stabilizers. Big-bags can also have individual openings for filling and closing, and chutes in a wide variety of technical variants. We also provide matching of the bag specifically to the needs of the customer and the product to be stored or transported in a big bag container. We sell big-bags with standard requirements, as well as specialist ones. We offer UN bags for storage of dangerous goods, electrostatic bags for transport of materials forming electrostatic charges or Q-BAG with additional reinforcements and stabilizers. In addition, it is worth noting that most big-bags have a secondary purpose, they can be re-used for filling of the same product, or other goods. Container big bags are ecological and we buy waste bags that are not used from customers, and forward them to re-processing, and we acquire material for production of new packages.

MAD-BOX provides all types of polyethylene foil of varying density (LDPE, MDPE, HDPE). Depending on requirements, we sell shrink foil (the thinnest), monolayer foil and multilayer foil. Another type of foil we sell is heat-sealing foil, which can be used to produce a variety of bags, bags with laps, sleeves, forms. Heat-sealing foil can be supplied in the form of pre-cut bags or as rolls. For special orders, we are able to provide stabilized foil. Apart from foil, we also sell foil semi-products in the form of special sleeves, half-sleeves, hoods or forms and inserts. Another type of foil we offer is different kinds of stretch foil. In this aspect, we offer ready-made solutions for machines that wrap entire high pallets (machine stretch), as well as smaller sizes for packing of small goods. An additional supplement of this kind of foil is wrapping tapes and strapping tapes. They allow for more accurate protection of packed material. With the ever-increasing demand for ecological products and services, we provide access to bags designed for selective collection of waste. Waste sorting bags may be colour-varied according to sorted waste, have different sizes, and additional printed information. We offer waste bags in a number of technical solutions, as cut sets, traditional rolls, bags with handles or with binding tape.

MAD-BOX sells paper packages such as open paper bags, valve paper bags, sewn paper bags, cardboard boxes, boxes, cartons, cardboard spacers and inserts. Paper and cardboard packages are adapted to individual customer orders and can vary in dimensions, shape, or thickness of the cardboard layer. Our product range includes ready-made solutions in the form of cardboard boxes or cardboard packages for fruit, vegetables and other groceries. It is also worth mentioning that our bags and package bags can be colourless as well as coloured. Moreover, additional product information and company can be added on foil, bags and packages in the form of individual high-quality printing. Depending on the customer's selection, the printing colour can be simple, black and white, as well as multi-coloured. Each customer will find something of interest. We deliver packages to locations designated by customers. Packages do not have any secrets from us, are part of our lives and they make it easier for us.

Our advantage is many years of experience and cooperation with leading partners on this market.

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