Calcium fertilizers, chalk and flour

wapno nawozowe 2Welcome to the section devoted to distribution of and confection of calcium products. We offer a wide range of products and services in the industry - the basis of the product range are calcium fertilizers, fodder chalk and various types of flour, and we also offer a range of custom products and solutions targeted at individual customers. We provide packaging and transportation services for each material.

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Calcium fertilizers, regardless of their form, are designed to deacidify, improve abundance, and supplement the nutritional needs of all kinds of soil. The correct pH is extremely important for maximizing the potential of soil and the efficiency of use of nitrogen fertilization, while maintaining a level of acidity that reduces plants’ heavy metals such as lead, chromium and cadmium. Another important advantage of using calcium fertilizers is the improvement of soil structure through formation of humus, which results in a much higher storage of water in the root layers of plants. The use of lime in field crops plays an important role in maintaining a proper microbiological balance, which is important for decomposition of crop residues and organic residues. The optimum PH range has a significant effect on harvested quantities, and is essential for effective and efficient cultivation. The supply of lime to soil is a leading treatment that activates all plant growth processes. The need to conduct liming is determined, first of all, by Ph levels, plant component requirements, and the amount of fertilizers directly acidifying the soil. Substrate supple is divided into necessary - to aim for an optimum balance, and complementary - to maintain the desired value and provide a very important ingredient, which is calcium. All calcium fertilizers we offer come from young, soft beds of the Jura and lie in the most geologically rich regions of Poland, which guarantees the highest bioavailability and efficiency of deacidification. Each of the fertilizers we offer meets the requirements of organic farming and has all the necessary certificates and approvals.

Our range of calcium fertilizers distinguishes three product groups, which makes it possible to perfectly match the agent to expectations and conditions of the customer.


Granulated chalk – formed as a result of granulation of finely chalked technical chalk, which translates into instant action and nearly 100% assimilation of the ingredient. An extremely valuable feature of this type of calcium fertilizer is the ease, cleanliness and uniformity of sowing, and the possibility to use it in cultivation. Another positive factor is the ease of transport, storage and the possibility to accurately use planned quantities. Below, we present the physio-chemical specification of chalk in the granular form:

1 kg kredy granulowanej (granulacji 2-7mm) zawiera:
Zawartość węglanu wapnia CaCO3 % - 97,2
Zawartość tlenku wapnia CaO % - 54,5
Wilgotność % < 7                                                                                                                    
Reaktywność 97,7%

Kreda granulowana 1


Dust chalk, limestone powder – made from naturally soft limestone of the Jura period, an immediately effective form of calcium fertilizer with the highest efficiency. The effect of fertilizer chalk is already observed between the second and the third months after application. Effects of application are seen in pH change and plant growth in the first year of use. Fertilizer chalk is one of the best agents for soil deacidification, proven in field and theoretically in laboratories.

1 kg kredy nawozowej (frakcji 0-0,300mm) zawiera:
Zawartość węglanu wapnia CaCO3 % - 97,2
Zawartość tlenku wapnia CaO % - 54,5
Wilgotność % < 0,10                                                                                                                     
Reaktywność 97,7%

kreda pylista 2Variant 04 soil lime – standard and the most popular form of calcium fertilizer which is ground calcium carbonate (0-2 mm). High calcium content, ecologically clean, extremely effective and efficient. The presence of differently defined fractions from 0 up to 2 mm guarantees an even release of the ingredient and visible effects throughout the year.

1 kg węglanu wapnia (odmiany 04) zawiera:
Zawartość węglanu wapnia CaCO3 % - od 93,0 do 97,8
Zawartość tlenku wapnia CaO % - od 51,5 do 54,4
Przesiew < 2mm – 99,4%                                                                                                      
Przesiew < 0,5mm – 76,7%

The product is available only loose, delivered by self-dump transport.

wapno nawozowe 1


Fodder chalk has been used for years in animal feed as a product supplementing essential minerals needed to keep farm animals healthy. The released minerals, and above all, natural calcium, have a direct impact on the vascular, skeletal, nervous, digestive and muscular systems. It has a positive effect on the Ph levels of the digestive tract, has very high bioavailability and digestibility, and is also an important constituent of bone and muscle tissues. Our fodder is widely used. It positively affects the health of all farm animals, and in case of laying it affects the hardness and smoothness of egg shells, protects other animals against dangerous diseases, and is also used as an ingredient for fodder and premixes. The chalk does not contain harmful compounds or pollutants. The drying process takes place using LPG, which is the safest source of heat from the point of view of pollution in chalk. The material is constantly being tested by the National Fodder Laboratory in Lublin and is controlled by the HACCP system. Feel free to familiarize yourself with the parameters and standard fractions of the fodder chalk offered.

1 kg kredy pastewnej zawiera





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